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We keep dogs as family members since 1970.

When we married in 1976, our pack had five Beagles.They started the well known ‘True Line’s...(FCI) Beagles. We bred Beagles  until 1994 with great success, they excelled in many working trials and won many shows. Overall we bred almost three complete alphabets.

As all old dogs stay with us till their end we once had 23 dogs: 22 Beagles and one Rhodesian Ridgeback. None of them ever lived in kennels, they lived as a big pack and had access to the house.

Our Beagles were seen at many working trials, giving tongue on the hare’s line, we also entered them in eight high level blood trials, they won six of them as ‘Best in Trial’.

Highlights were winning 1974 and 1978 at the 'Pfälzerwald'-Verbandsschweißprüfung on the 48 hours old blood trail.

Alltogether we bred about fourty Beagle Champions, many True Line’s served as foundation stock of other successful Beagle Kennels.

Our last homebred Beagle died 2004.

In these years a Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch joined the pack and Border Terriers were added. Two successful litters of Borders carried on our kennel name. Together with an imported dog we kept three Border Terrier bitches, two Borders are still with us aged over 10 years.

On these pages you find chapters that depict our Beagles, our Border Terriers and our Rhodesian Ridgeback.

In the year 2004 the Lagotto Romagnolo male ‘Lucignolo del Pesco’ came to us in lieu of going to the USA or Finland. He is bred by the well known Italian all breed judge Paolo Dondina. ‘Bruno’, as he is called, started a stunning show carreer and passed on his quality to his numerous progeny.

In 2006 his Swedish bred daughter  'Hunky-Dory Nipotina di Caterina'  came from her breeder Dr. Fredrika Rönquist, joined us and has in the meanwhile followed in his footsteps, being successful at many shows. 2008 Lapinlumon Jalena and Kan Trace Cesare joined our team , both typical Bruno offspring.

In August 2010 Cavatore dei Boschi Dòro was added to our pack as a promising stud dog for our bitches, in May 2013 Operbacco della Taparina was added to the pack.


Silke Eberhardt

was a popular specialist breed judge for Beagles. Her passion, however, is succesfully breeding typical and show winning dogs, the success of the True Line Beagles was mainly her work. She is also a keen, gifted and experienced handler in the show ring.

Silke grew up in the area east of Cologne ‚Bergisches Land‘, Jochen in Heidelberg. For a long time they lived south of Frankfurt, later on between Darmstadt and Heidelberg on the ‘strata montana’, Germany’s Spring Garden.

  Foto: Pia Ahlen                                   CACIB Leipzig 2004



Jochen H. Eberhardt

previously working as architect and project manager, is one of the founding fathers of the Beagle Club Deutschland e.V.. He became the first Beagle specialist judge in Germany in 1974. He kept extending knowledge and competence in this field and since 1995 is one of the currently eight active German all-breed judges. He has so far judged about 59.000 dogs in 40 countries on five continents.  

He served for many years as Honorary Advisor to the German Kennel Club on Breeding and Registration Matters and later became President of the Breeding Commission of the International Governing Body FCI (Féderation Cynologique Internationale).

He is author of two books on the Beagle, one book on the Rhodesian Ridgeback and co-authored a book on Collies and Shelties together with Klaus Frankenberger.



In November 2007 we moved to the quiet and beautiful hills of the Hunsrueck east of the Mosel valley, about 150 km west of Frankfurt.

Horbruch is a small village of 350 people sited on the northwest fringe of the Hunsrueck mountains, right at the rim of large forests below the Idarkopf mountain. It is sited 500 m above sea level. Our house has the coordinates of  7°14'20.34"E longitude und 49°53'14.69"N latitude.